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Why not join our discord server and find players to play with!

PVP & PVE Server

We are focused on both PVE & PVP, Make a friend at the safe zone or go it alone!

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What is Deadside?

Deadside is an open world online multiplayer game, we like to refer to it as a mix of Escape From Tarkov and DayZ.

There are no Zombies at all in Deadside you will either come across other players or scav AI, Join our server today and enjoy a friendly atmosphere of like minded players.

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Deadside UK Server 3x Loot!

Our server is located in London UK and the server restarts twice a day, once at 4am and 4pm The server will only be offline for 2 minutes.

3x Loot on the server!

This helps a lot! Not having to always go to the Military bases to get loot, makes the game feel a lot more diverse.

PVP & PVE Server

Our server is for PVE & PVP players alike, We wanted to make the game feel like a true survival game so it’s very possible to go solo or join a squad.

Find us on Social Media!

Find us on all social media! We have a Discord group if your looking to team up, we also have a facebook page and twitter @deadsideserver

Friendly fair admin!

Unlike other servers with agro admins we are completly different! We dont mind banter or getting owned, were all fair game. Join us today and enjoy the server!

Want more information?

If you want more information about joining us then please send us a message below.

Join our DeadSide UK Server!
3 X loot and based in London so great ping for EU and UK .
We have a great 50 strong discord community and you would all be made more than welcome ☺️

Join our DeadSide UK Server!
Great server with a friendly atmosphere.
We have a slightly higher loot pool too!
We have a good population on the server and over 50 members on discord. More info on our website or join our discord here.

Join our fantastic deadside UK server
3 X loot and a great server pop.
Very active discord with 60 members
Come and join us today!

Deadside continues to grow and move forward.
In this blog we’ll talk more about the process of the game development and give you some insight on how some things work.

That's our DeadSide UK Server paid up for another 3 months 🤩 join us today!
Huge thanks to everyone who uses our server 😁 #deadside

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